The Ukulele Fish Hook

Another item I recently designed is a wall hook mount to hang your Ukulele on. My friend Carl gave it its name the Fish Hook because of my last name so it is. So far I’ve made them out of Myrtlewood and Redwood. They are thicker so when you hang your Uke on the wall it keeps the body of the Uke from rubbing the wall. I also didn’t want mounting screws exposed so I milled mounting slots in the back for installing. They will also work with a guitar by spreading the hook apart a bit. A couple of my friends have done that. I also include the mounting hardware with it

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About madebydennis

I have always been the type of guy that like to build things. I am now retired but in my past I was a building contractor, worked in a machine shop making custom manufactureing machines, welding building trailers or anything out of steel. I now like to tinker in my shop doing woodworking and welding. I'm always looking for something to make for ether my motorcycle, ATV or just build something out of wood.
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