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I have always been the type of guy that like to build things. I am now retired but in my past I was a building contractor, worked in a machine shop making custom manufactureing machines, welding building trailers or anything out of steel. I now like to tinker in my shop doing woodworking and welding. I'm always looking for something to make for ether my motorcycle, ATV or just build something out of wood.

Oregon Juniper Queen Headboard

This is a Juniper headboard I made a couple weeks ago. I’ve had a couple slabs lying around and was wondering what to do with them. They were about one and a half inches thick and roughly 12 foot long. … Continue reading

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Gun Vise for Cleaning – Solid Quarter Sawn Oak

A friend had a similar gun vice he made and I wanted one for myself but decided to add some bells and whistles. I wanted to make things adjustable, add a tray and make my own knobs which were a … Continue reading

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The Ukulele Fish Hook

Another item I recently designed is a wall hook mount to hang your Ukulele on. My friend Carl gave it its name the Fish Hook because of my last name so it is. So far I’ve made them out of … Continue reading

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The Fish Uke Cookie Humidifier

This is something new I just designed and I call it the Fish’s Uke Cookie Humidifier. Fish for my last name. It is very important to use a humidifier in your ukulele or guitar especially in hot dry weather to … Continue reading

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Karen’s Myrtlewood End Table Tatting Cabinet

This little End Table will be using up the last of my Myrtlewood supply. I was lucky to be able to mirror match the sides and door. Some of the boards had knot holes and open cracks in them so … Continue reading

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Oregon Myrtlewood Microwave Cabinet

Here is another Myrtlewood cabinet I just finished building. This one is for holding our microwave and will set around the corner from the two drawer Myrtlewood cabinet I built earlier but will have a set of casters on it. … Continue reading

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Kayak Trailer Build

Several years ago I built this little trailer and mounted a fiberglass box on it to haul behind our Honda Goldwing for camping.  We later purchased a small tent trailer to pull around so didn’t need this one anymore. My … Continue reading

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